DZOFILM PAVO T2.1 2x Anamorphic 32/55/100mm (T2.4) 3-Lens Set (PL/EF Mount)


Capture stunning cinematic images with a vintage anamorphic look using this PAVO T2.1 2x Anamorphic 32/55/100mm 3-Lens Set from DZOFILM. Designed to cover the Super35 sensor of cine-style cameras, this set of neutral-coated or blue-coated lenses includes three focal lengths (32, 55, and 100mm), each with a maximum aperture of T2.1 and employing 2x magnification, thus achieving what is commonly referred to as “true” anamorphic imaging with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio and boasting exceptional “waterfall” bokeh and elegant neutral or blue horizontal flares.

The lenses can focus at a very close range, circumventing limitations often experienced with certain anamorphic lenses, and their low-distortion barrel designs retain all the desirable attributes of anamorphic shooting without sacrificing image quality. The PAVO’s PL mount can quickly be switched to an EF mount using the included EF bayonet. Focus marks are defined in feet, and the compact size and lightweight design of the lens make it an ideal option for cameras mounted on drones, mechanical and electronic stabilizers, and in handheld situations where keeping weight to a minimum is critical.

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