EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station (3600Wh)


International Set – Output Socket can be plugged with UK, USA, AU, EU Version Plugs.

With the possibility for massive expansion the EcoFlow Delta Pro can be customised to meet your energy requirements. Along with being the world’s fastest charging portable power station the Delta Pro boasts a whopping 3.6kWh battery.

Battery Capacity of the EcoFlow Delta Pro

One of the many features of the EcoFlow Delta Pro is its battery capacity, 3.6kWh which can be increased by adding additional Smart Extra Batteries. With just two Smart Extra Batteries, you can increase your battery power from 3.6kWh to a massive 10.8kWh.

If you are looking for even more battery capacity the Delta Pro can be expanded to an incredible 25kWh. Enough to power your home for 13 days of emergency power (Emergency home use: 1.88kWh/day (4 lights, fan, router, laptop, smartphone) Daily home use: 29kWh/day (based on users’ average daily electric consumption in 2019 – data provided from EcoFlow).

Is the EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable?

Moving power to where you need it is an important consideration when choosing a portable power station. The EcoFlow Delta Pro has two sturdy wheels at the rear and a telescopic handle at the front. This makes moving the Delta Pro around a total breeze, whether it be around the house or on your outdoor adventures. The retractable handle folds away neatly at the front so you wouldn’t know it was there. The Smart Extra Batteries also has these features so you can easily move the power to where its required.

What’s FlowCharge on the Delta Pro?

Charging your portable power station has always been tricky issue especially when your off grid. With FlowCharge the EcoFlow Delta Pro can charge from multiple charging sources and fast! The Delta Pro is the world’s fastest wall outlet charging with X-Stream, you can even charge from EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations for the first time ever. Charging from an EV station will give you up to 3400W of fast charging. (Charger type: Level 2, Connector J1772 not included with the Delta Pro).

If you’re living off grid then the Delta Pro can be charged via an in-car charging port, solar panel, or even a wind turbine. The EcoFlow Delta Pro can charge via solar panel, offering up to 4200W with X-Stream

The Delta Pro Ecosystem.

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel is a breakthrough where home backup is concerned. It allows for you to integrate up to two DELTA Pro’s with up to 10 home circuits seamlessly. Access reliable power when outages strike, manage your energy consumption and reduce your dependency on the grid.

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