DZOFILM 90mm T2.8 Gnosis Macro Prime Lens (LPL with PL & EF Mounts)


Available option focus scales in Imperial or Metric

The 90mm T2.8 Gnosis Macro Prime Lens from DZO Film provides impressive close-up views of your subjects with up to 1:5 magnification and a compressed field of view with natural, soft-looking bokeh. This ARRI LPL-mount lens with focus marks in feet comes with both ARRI PL and Canon EF mounts, enabling you to use it with a wide range of cine-style cameras.

Interchangeable Mount

This ARRI LPL-mount lens includes both ARRI PL and Canon EF lens mounts, suiting it for use with a wider selection of cameras

Sharp Macro Magnification

Provides crisply detailed images with uniform color reproduction and a compressed, telephoto field of view with 1.5:1 macro magnification at 10.2″

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