LAOWA Pro2be 24mm T8 2x Probe 3-Lens Set (Direct, 90° Periscope & 35°, ARRI PL)


Laowa 24mm T8 2X Pro2be – the perfect combination of versatility and innovation. The lens kit comes in 3 distinct lenses including the unique 35-degree tilt view. The Pro2be offers a maximum T8 aperture, 2X magnification and waterproof distance of 36.6cm, pairing perfectly with your high-speed cameras and motion-control system. The distinctive tubular and smartly-twisted lens barrels offer maximum flexibility to explore new perspectives and new heights. It is  the all-in-one solution for capturing a wide range of shots, from extreme close-ups to cinematic top and high-angle shots, at the ultimate level of user experience.


Our latest innovation brings you a faster maximum aperture of T8, empowering you to freeze fleeting moments with ease. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve taken the shooting experience to new heights by introducing more versatile and practical perspectives all in one kit. Now, you have the most creative freedom to explore and push the boundaries of your macro journey. 

More Lights, More Possibilities

Experience macro cinematography like never before as an abundance of light floods through the lens, illuminating your subjects with exceptional clarity and detail. Gone are the days of darkness and the hours spent meticulously setting up lights. With our T8 aperture, every image comes to life, effortlessly revealing the true beauty of your macro subjects.

Stunning Image Quality and Color Rendition

Prepare to be mesmerized by the image quality and color rendition of the Laowa 24mm T8 Pro2be. Crafted with precision and care, this lens delivers breathtaking results that leave a lasting impression. The Pro2be has the most advanced optical design to reduce diffraction and improved sharpness. From the finest intricate details to vibrant and true-to-life colors, your macro shoots will ascend to new heights.

Longer and Adjustable Lens Barrel

With both an extended and adjustable tube, you can now effortlessly explore the macro world from new angles, swiftly adapting to any shooting scenario. Whether you’re capturing the intricate details of miniature worlds or the delicate textures of your subjects, the adjustable lens barrel empowers you to achieve the perfect shot.

2X Magnification

Capture macro excellence with our 2x magnification feature. With a close focusing distance of just 4mm, the lens achieves an impressive 2:1 magnification ratio.

But that’s not all – here’s a game-changer: The LED light is removed from the lens. Now, you can capture luxurious items up close, clear and reflection-free.

Only Us Can Surpass Us

When it comes to macro probe lenses that redefine excellence, there is no match for Laowa. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality sets us apart from the rest. The Laowa 24mm T8 2X Macro Pro2be stands alone as the pinnacle of macro cinematography, boasting features that remain unrivaled in the market. Embrace the confidence of knowing you’ve chosen the best – choose Laowa, where only we can surpass us.


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