PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 3 Smart LiDAR Wireless Focus Lens Control Kit (Advanced)


Remotely control your lens focus using this LIVE AIR 3 Smart LiDAR Wireless Focus Lens Control Kit from PDMOVIE. This Advanced kit includes a Smart LiDAR motor with 0.7Nm torque, a Bluetooth wireless remote controller, REMOTE AIR RIG Handwheel Unit for the focus controller, controller and motor batteries, a battery charger, a shoe mount for the motor, a 15mm rod, a lens gear ring, and a multi-purpose mounting clamp.

The motor features fast and accurate control using the controller, and it can also track your subjects to automatically adjust your focus. The kit includes everything you need to mount the kit onto your rig and wirelessly control fine focus on a cine lens.

PDMOVIE Bluetooth Focus Controller for PD-BTMP, PD-BTMP-N, PD-BTMP-S & PD-BTMP-SP

Use this circular Bluetooth Focus Controller from PDMOVIE to control fine lens focus with a separately available PD-BTMP motor using Bluetooth from up to 328′ away. This compact focus controller mounts onto your cage or rig using a 1/4″-20 screw, and it provides A/B stops, gear direction control, automatic calibration, and it can even be switched to zoom mode to be used as a zoom controller. The controller is powered using a replaceable, rechargeable LIR2477 Li-ion battery.

PDMOVIE MOTOR SMART Intelligent Focus Motor

PDMOVIE’s MOTOR SMART Intelligent Focus Motor provides quick and accurate remote focus control and is equipped with smart LIDAR technology. This unit integrates its radio receiver, power supply, and motor in a self-contained package for remote focusing. Additionally, at a range of up to 16.4′, the MOTOR SMART scans and tracks subjects to automatically adjust focus. This process adds an autofocus function to manual focus lenses. It can store lens travel ranges for up to five lenses for quick and seamless operation. The motor can also be controlled traditionally by pairing it with a PDMOVIE wireless controller (available separately).

PDMOVIE LIR2477 Battery for PDL-TC-AFX Focus Controller

Power your PDL-TC-AFX focus controller with this LIR2477 Battery from PDMOVIE. This lithium-ion coin-style battery slides into the round focus controller and provides long battery life with a 3.6V output.


Power your LIVE AIR 2 or LIVE AIR 2S PD4-HT, PDL-TC-AFP, or PDL-TC-AZP motor with this LI-42B Battery from PDMOVIE. This battery slides into the controller and provides long battery life with a 600mAh, 2.2Wh capacity and a 3.7V output. It charges in the separately available 42Bx2 dual-battery charger.

PDMOVIE 2/4-Channel Battery Charger for LI-42B & LI42Bx2 Batteries

Charge two or up to four batteries with this 2/4-Channel Battery Charger from PDMOVIE. This versatile unit can charge up to four LI-42B 600mAh controller batteries or two LI42Bx2 motor batteries simultaneously, and it features status LEDs to indicate the charge level. The charger is powered via USB.

PDMOVIE 15mm Rod Clamp with Rod & Shoe Adapter for Motor

Mount your lens motor for the best placement on your rig with the help of this 15mm Rod Clamp with Rod & Shoe Adapter from PDMOVIE. This mount features a 15mm rod clamp and a shoe adapter for mounting onto a camera, cage, or rig with a shoe mount. Two 1/4″-20 screws and an Allen wrench are also included to mount the adapter directly onto a cage with 1/4″-20 threads. A 5.9″ 15mm rod is included to mount your motor so you can rotate it into place.

PDMOVIE 15mm Rod

Add this black 15mm Rod from PDMOVIE onto your rig to mount your lens motor for fine adjustments. The rod fits into standard 15mm rod clamps and measures 5.9″ in length.

PDMOVIE REMOTE AIR RIG Handwheel Controller for PDL-TC-AFX Focus Wheel

Add a large controller handgrip to your compact PDL-TC-AFX focus controller for a better grip with this REMOTE AIR RIG Handwheel Controller from PDMOVIE. The PDL-TC-AFX focus controller is an extremely compact wheel that can be a bit too small for some hands, so PDMOVIE created a grip and wheel holder for larger hands.

The focus controller mounts at the center of the large control wheel using a 1/4″-20 screw, and you can hold the wheel with two hands using the included handgrip. The unit also includes a 19mm rod for mounting the unit onto your rig.