The LightBridge C-Move Core Kit


Quality from the Core. Optimized for speed & weight.

The C-Move Core is a kit optimizezd for speed & weight composed of the most used LightBridge Precision Reflectors (Diff 1 to Diff 3 In Sized 15, 25 & 50 cm).

Total 6 reflector included.

Good To Know

The C-Move Core is super lightweight, with a durable, waterproof, “fit for the plane” Cordura bag.

Add On

If you want to add more gear later, the C-Move Core is designed to additionally store:

7×7 (5pcs), 15×15 (2pcs), 25×25 (2pcs) & 50×50 (2pcs) Precision Reflectors.

With a focus on innovation and support, Lightbridge develops high-end gear with our customers.

– With the C-Move Core you have all the workhorses in one kit – and it is built for additional capacity, in case you want to add your favorite Precision Reflectors.

– Optimized for speed & weight, it’s an ideal cost-saving “build as you go” kit with all the high-end quality that Lightbridge is known for.

CRLS has been developed on set for over 15 years by Lightbridge technicians and DoP’s for a faster workflow and improved quality in light and shadow.