DZOFILM Arles 35mm T1.4 FF/VV Prime Cine Lens (PL)


The Arles series draws its name from the picturesque town of Arles in southern France, a cherished source of inspiration for the artist Vincent van Gogh. The specific climate and colorful scenery there spark an outburst of his creation.

DZOFILM’s Arles Prime series wants to inspire fresh possibilities for artistic expression and cinematic creativity.

T1.4 High Speed, Exquisite Vignetting

The lens delivers abundant light intake even in low-light conditions, and supports high frame rate shooting without compromising image quality.

T1.4 High Speed, More Exquisite Control of Depth of Field

At wide-open, the lens ensures even brightness transitions, creating soft bokeh.

The Arles Prime boasts 16 aperture blades, delivering delightful circular and more layered bokeh, separating the subject from the background naturally. (Ensure image quality from infinity to close-up)

Foating Lens Structure during whole group of lenses, minimised breathing effect.

Uniform specifications

  • Perfectly matched with industry-standard cine accessories
  • Front diameters are all 95mm, which is suitable for industry-standard cine hoods, enhancing on-site efficiency when changing.
  • The same specification of filter screw thread, which can be adapted to the M86 filter system.
  • The same gear pitch and focus distance, enhancing convenience when changing.


  • Between 1.4kg~1.9kg
  • Allowing for easy integration with gimbals, stabilizers, drones, and Steadicams.
  • opening limitless shooting possibilities.

Internal structure uses matte treatment

  • Super matte black techniques (sandblasted-anodized)
  • Low reflectivity

Interchangeable PL and EF mounts

  • Wide compatibility with various cine cameras

Compatible with KOOP filter

  • get a cleaner picture than other filters on the market.

DZOFILM  Arles 35mm T1.4 FF/VV Prime Cine Lens (PL)

The Arles 35mm T1.4 FF/VV Prime Cine Lens to capture cine-style images thanks to its improved features. This prime lens has an aperture range of T1.4 to 22 to achieve a wide depth of field. A 16-blade iris and optical construction of 14 elements in 12 groups provide a soft, natural bokeh to your high-quality imagery. The focus ring rotates 270°, and the iris ring 80° for intuitive manual adjustments.

The lens features a 67.15° diagonal field of view to ensure your subject remains in the frame. A 95mm front diameter and M86 filter thread allow you to incorporate different matte boxes or filters into your camera configuration. The lens has a cine-style design with 0.8 MOD focus and aperture gears. Thanks to similar gearing and front diameters across the range of lenses, switching between focal lengths is a breeze.

  • T1.4 to T22 aperture range
  • 95mm front diameter, 16-blade aperture
  • Optical construction of 14 elements in 12 groups
  • 270° focus rotation, 80° iris rotation
  • 13.78″ minimum focus distance
  • 46.5mm image circle
  • M86 filter thread
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