The LightBridge C-Move + Kit


The Lightbridge C-Move + Kit contains a full range of high-tech cine reflectors, ranging from minimum to maximum diffusion. They give you full control of your diffused light without using flags or frames, while having a minimal footprint, and can be placed close to the subjects since they don’t generate heat.

Each set comes housed in their individual neoprene sleeves, safely stored in a custom lightweight bag, along with the necessary accessories for mounting, providing a full kit ready to be deployed on location and safely transported without risk of damage.

  • Includes 4 sets of Reflectors encompassing the full range of diffusion from #0 to 4
  • Precision manufactured aluminum coated surface, 97% reflectivity (only 3% loss) & 100% color rendering
  • The waterproof and well-padded Cordura Bag will keep your Cine Reflectors safe on the job