G-KA Dyna Robotic Arm Motion Control System


Efficient comprehensive sports platform

This model is suitable for equipment rental companies, studios, and production companies due to its convenient transportation, high execution efficiency, and strong load-bearing capacity. Using this robotic arm to package packages and attract more high-end customers that were previously difficult to reach is a business method used by many companies.

Latest Trends:

In many TVC studios, Dyna has become an efficient work platform that integrates Dolly, small slide rails, small rocker arms, and small remote control heads, without the need for a “water pipe” DIY.

Design of suspended pan tilt

  • Compatible with more size models
  • Quick installation structure

1.5 meter arm span can meet conventional requirements camera shooting of advertisements

  • Maximum stand: 2.2 m
  • Minimum stand: 0.1 m
  • Maximum span: 2.7m
  • Maximum load capacity: 11 kg (limit of 13kg)
  • The scheduling range can be increased by upgrading and installing tracks.

Standard Film Industry Interface

  • With commonly used interface panel
  • Non external snakeskin tube wiring, all cables are built-in, which is safe, fast, and aesthetically pleasing.

Rich collaboration interfaces

  • Equipped with various upgrade and linkage interfaces, it can be connected to pneumatic and electric special tracks for synchronous control.

Unique single sided base design

  • Can effectively increase effective arm span by 25%.
  • All control systems are built-in, eliminating the need to connect the control cabinet every time.
  • All carbon fiber casing.
  • Convenient transportation.
  • Small, flexible, and easily transportable; fits most freight elevators.
  • 1.5M arm extension for advertising shoots and events like red carpet ceremonies.
  • Simulates PV dolly, slider, mini boom arm, and remote-control head operations with AI joystick and controllers.
  • Operates on 220V voltage, with 110V option available.
  • Embedded host and cables within the arm for improved aesthetics and maneuverability.
  • Ideal for advertising, film, and TV shoots, offering high-speed capture for impressive effects.
  • Cute TVC was previous product name.
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