G-KA Max 32 Robotic Arm Motion Control System


The King of Dispatch

The biggest feature of this model is its ultra long arm span and fast speed, which is suitable for shooting and teaching high-end movies, TV dramas, online dramas, TVCs, MVs, and variety shows. Especially suitable for equipment companies, high-end production companies, XR virtual photography companies, broadcasting and other applications.

  • Users use the MAX3.2 meter arm span for larger mirror operation scheduling, often designing one mirror to the bottom.
  • Some users also use a super large arm span to replace the track, which is suitable for moving multiple positions for shooting in a day, reducing the installation and debugging time of the track.

Design of suspended pan tilt

  • Compatible with more size models
  • Quick installation structure

Standard Film Industry Interface

  • With commonly used interface panel
  • Non external serpentine wiring, all cables are built-in, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Rich collaboration interfaces

  • Equipped with various upgrade and linkage interfaces, it can be connected to pneumatic and electric special tracks for synchronous control
  • Equipped with cable detachment prevention device

Diamond shaped multi-dimensional structure base

  • The multidimensional structure of diamonds ensures the overall rigidity.
  • All control systems are built-in, eliminating the need to connect the control cabinet every time.
  • Safety warning light with settable mode.
  • Convenient transportation.

Embedded terminal block

  • Embedded 220V wiring board, convenient for providing power support for other devices.

Safety warning light

  • Multiple safety reminder methods can be set
  • lt can also be set to use as an actor’s reminder light
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