G-KA Flex Pro Robotic Arm Motion Control System


The medium-sized arm span, high-speed capabilities, and versatile functions make the G-Ka Motion Control ideal for film, television dramas, web dramas, TVCs, MVs, and educational settings. It is particularly well-suited for equipment companies, niche production companies (e.g., culinary), television stations, and film schools.

Design of suspended pan tilt

  • Compatible with more size models
  • Quick installation structure

Standard Film Industry Interface

  • With commonly used interface panel
  • Non external serpentine wiring, all cables are built-in, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Rich collaboration interfaces

  • Equipped with various upgrade and linkage interfaces, it can be connected to pneumatic and electric special tracks for synchronous control.
  • Equipped with cable anti detachment device.

Diamond shaped multi-dimensional structure base

  • The multidimensional structure of diamonds ensures the overall rigidity.
  • All control systems are built-in, eliminating the need to connect the control cabinet every time. •Safety warning light with settable mode.

Embedded terminal block

  • Embedded 220V wiring board, convenient for providing power support for other devices.

External storage box

  • Convenient placement of gloves and tools on site
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