Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System


The Tilta Float System works in conjunction with the DJI RS2 gimbal to provide a small, compact camera stabilizer system to allow you to accomplish smooth cinematic camera movements with smaller camera setups.

The counterweight-based post provides further stabilization for your setup beyond what the gimbal is already doing to allow for the smoothest possible free flowing camera movement imaginable.

The spring-loaded arm and support vest design puts the weight of the rig onto your torso, allowing for longer operating times before the user gets fatigued.

The newly included Lower Back Support provides additional weight distribution ensuring comfortable operation over any duration.

Multiple power options provide more flexibly when powering the RS2. The system can power the RS2 via Gold Mount, V-Mount, TB50, or the RS2 Battery Handle itself via optional accessories.

The Float is compatible with any gimbal that can mount via 1/4″-20 threads and can be powered by a 2 Pin Lemo.

*The Wireless Thumb Controller is only compatible with the RS2*

*The Float does not have power outputs other than the 2 Pin Lemo designed for powering the RS2*

*The Internal Post Cable can handle 14.8V and 3A with maximum ability to handle 6A*